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Nestor Acres CGTA Possessed
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Nestor Acres CGTA Possessed
2/ 22/09

     +*B GCH Little*Creek LCTT Tristin (LA 88)
Sire: +*B SGCH Cherry Glen Tristin Andrew (LA 93 EEE)
     SGCH Krystal-Kreek Wrevenge Amelia (LA 92 EEEE)
                            (National Champion)
     Addi-Hill C Wrocket (LA 91 EEE)
Dam: CH Addi-Hill W. Passion (LA 88 VVVV)
     SGCH B&S-Acres' Megan's Pride (LA 91 EEEE)
She is extremely  uphill, smooth and angular.  We think this doe possesses a winning style that this line famous for! I
She will remain dry for 2010.
2010 Res Jr grand AOP Ring 1 ODGA
         Res Jr Grand AOP Youth show ODGA

Pictured below is her dam


Pictured below is her granddam