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Nestor Aces Hot Barbaro
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Nestor Acres Hot Barbaro
DOB 4/15/2007
   SGCH +B Cherry Glen Tristin Andrew (LA 93 EEEE)
Willow Run andrew Hot Ticket
     GCH Willow Run Corner Hot Spell (LA90 EEEE)
     DS: Cherry Glen Dante Andros (LA 90VEE)
Dam: SG Cherry Glen Andros Babette (LA 89 VEEE)
     DD: Mcquitty Farm LE Force Bridget.(LA 88 VVEE
We were so excited to had the opportunity to puchase his dam from Kasey Kemp . Babette was just beautiful. She need just one more leg to finish. She was very tall and long was a beautiful mammery. However, she died after kidding with Barbaro, he weighed 18 pds at birth. His buck is very tall and long with correct feet and legs. We will greatly miss Babette but she will have a great impact on our herd.   He appraised excellent in: Head, Shoulder Assembly,
Back, Rump.   
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Bab at 2