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Nestor Acres Josiah Justine
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Nestor Acres Josiah Justine
DOB 4/24/08
     Welbian-Farm's SB Snowladd
Waiilatpu WFS Josiah
     Waiilatpu WAC Jayne (LA 91 EEVE)
     *B Waiilatpu SKRW Japheth (LA 91 EEE)
Waiilatpu SKRW Jane (LA 86 +EVV)
     Waiilatpu Surge's Jayne
One of triplet does born late in April. One of her littlemate sister's was BJDIS at NAILE now owned by Shadylawn.
The other littermate is own by the Collins family in Athens Ohio. She has already won a Jr Grand. Good luck to both.
This doe is unshown and will remain dry in 09.

jane at 4

Waiilatpu SKRW Jane
She was excellent in rear legs on her appraisal. Very sweet doe with tons of personality. Very nice attached mammery with tons on milk. 
2008 Res. Champion 2 rings SEODGA
Jane is the dam to Nestor Acres Josiah Jennifer
Jr. Grandchampion NAILE 2008
NAILE Best JR. Doe in show 2008
Jane combines two of my favorite Waiilatpu does.
Jayne and Janice (pictured below)


GCH Waiilatpu Charles's Janice

She placed 1st place with 1st udder at the 98 Nationals.

Janice surprised  Susan and Kathy by being named the 1999 Reserve National Champion and Reserve Best Udder of breed


Waiilatpu WAC Jayne
Jayne is another Toggenburg beauty from our Janice line! She LA Ex 91 EEVE in 2006 at 5 years of age. She LA Ex 90 as a 2 year old! She was shown at the 2005 nationals and placed 7th. She is more of the long, tall and sharp type.  For more information on this lovely Waiilatpu doe check out.