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Nestor Acres WRC Gizzy
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Nestor Acres WRC Gizzy
AA 1456979 DOB 3/01/08
     +*B Willow Run GB Juan Carlos (LA 90 EEE)
GCH Willow Run JC Cunningham (LA 87 VEE)
     GCH Willow Run Exhail Clean Air 4*M
     ++*B Waiilatpu Yreka Newbold
SGCH Waiilatpu Newbold Geneva 3*M(LA 88 VEVE)
     GCH Waiilatpu Classic's Getchen
First time freshener in 2010. She looks just like her big sister. Tall, long and smooth bodied.
Bred to Devinci in 2010.