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CH Addi-Hill W Passion

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CH  Addi-Hill W Passion
DOB 4/3/2003 AT1256434
5-05 FS 88 VVVV
     Redbird Justified Candor (LA 87 VVE)
Addi-Hill C Wrocket (LA 91EEE)
     CH B&S Ares T-W Alina (LA 88 VAEE)
     B&S Acres D W Charlie
CH B&S Ares Megan's Pride (LA 91EEEE)
     CH Bieski's Megan Lynn
2007 1 Grand
        2 RES Grands
2008 1 BOB  NEODGA show ring 2
Passion was appraised with very little milk. She did receive a excellent in Shoulder Assembley, back and rump. She was very good in all other structural categories.  She is very smoothly blended, wide, level over the topline, with correct feet and legs. She has a high rear udder, long smooth fore udder, and excellent teat placement. She is pictured here with only 6 hrs of milk.
She is for sale


CH B&S Acres Megan's Pride