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Krystal-Kreek Le Force Tulume
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Krystal-Kreek Le Force Tulume
DOB 3-12-05
1 Milking leg.
LA 89 +EVE
     SS: Mainstay Captain Capsule
S: Krystal Kreek Capsule Le Force (LA 86)
     SD: Krystal-Kreek Wreveng Le Fluer
     DS: +*B Hogg's Hideaway Sir Valiant
D: CH Willow Run Valiant Tristen ( Res National Champion)
     DD:  GCH Walker Farm DDW Hilarity (LA 91 EEEE
Just very sweet doe with a beautiful mammery. Nice high rear udder with correct teat placement. Grand Champion ring 1 at the Hooser Classic.
Do to illness she has not been shown in 2009.
she is for sale