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SR Willow Run Paradox Trista
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SG Willow Run Paradox Trista
DOB 6/19/2003 AT1287967
LA 5-01 87 VEVV
     Krystal-Kreek WREV Cornerstone
Willow Run WREV Paradox
     Willwo Run Houston Paranoia
     +*B Hogg's Hideaway Sir Valiant
GCH Willow Run Valiant Tristen
     GCH Walker Farm DDW Hilarity (LA 91 EEEE)
This doe was 6th in Sr yearlings at the 2004 Nationals. She is long and Tall.  Her dam was Res National Champion and Res Best udder. Her Grand Dam Hilarity was National Champion. She appraised Excellent in head and rump.This doe is very tall and long. We seldom show her as she is light on one side.
Shown 2006 1 Grand
           2007 1 Res Grand (only time shown)
 For Sale $400