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Willow Run Rutger Cheyenne
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cheyenne at 2 first freshener

Cheyenne at 4 yrs of age


Willow Run Rutger Cheyenne
AA1335315  6/04/04
1Champion Leg
LA 5-1 91 EEVE
          *B Willow Run Achieve Chevalier (83 +EV)
Sire: *B CH Willow Run Chevalier Rutger (87 VEV)
          GCH Willow Run Armand Rishona (LA 92EEEE)
          +*B Willow Run Atas Romulas (91EEE)
Dam: Willow Run Romulus Charday (91 EEEE)
          Willow Run Solomon Charlaine
Another very stylish Rutger daughter. Many 1sts in her classs  as a yearling milker. Beautiful high and wide rear udder with a well extended fore. She appraised excellent this year in Head,Back, Rump, and Rear Legs.   Cheyenne has not been shown much due to a teat being bigger than the other.
The second picture is Cheyenne at 4 yrs of age.