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Irish Meadows Demo's Onyx Moon
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Irish Meadows Demo's Onyx Moon *M
DOB 5/7/2001
LA 2-4 86 +VVV
     *B Paisley-Park KTY Kernal
*B Walnut-Fork K.K. Demolition
     GCH Walnut-Fork Xcell Destruction (LA 91)
     +*B Chateau*Briant's Sasin Royalty
Irish Meadow,s Royal Topaz
     Irish Meadow BBX Ruby Bay
I sold this doe as a three year old. When the people call me in sept and ask if I wanted her back I jumped at the chance. She is so much like Sambra with the same high wide rear udder, lots of capacity with a very well extended fore udder. She is black like Sambra but with white on her face and sides.
She is bred to Nestor Acres CGIT Samuel (Sambra's son) for 2009, Kids are $300
This doe has been sold.