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Nestor Acres WRC Gretchen *M

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odie and trailer 006.jpg

Nestor Acres WRC Gretchen 4*m
LA 85 +VVV (first freshener)
DOB 2-20-2007
     *B Willow Run GB Juan Carlos ( 90 VEE)
Sire: *B CH Willow Run JC Cunningham (LA 88 VEV)
     GCH Willow Run EXhail Clean Air 4*M
     SG ++*B Waiilatpu Yreka Newbold
Dam: SGCH Waiilatpu Newbold Geneva (LA 88 VEVE)
     GCH Waiilatpu Classic's Gretchen
Gidget is a very long, tall, stretchie type doe. She has a very high and wide rear udder with a long and very smooth fore. She has just perfect pumb teats.  
2010 RES GrandChampion (ring 2) OVDGA

Gretchen at age 2


SGCH Waiilatpu Newbold Geneva
 She has no problem putting 16pds a day into the pail yet maintaining a very well attached high wide rear udder. Geneva was 11th in the 2yr old old class at the 2003 nationals with Bryant showing her (Bryant was 14 at the time).  Geneva was a joy to own.