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     Cherry Glen Tierro Inman
Cherry Glen Inman Tucker (L A 88)
     Cherry Glenn WFSC Tecoa Touchee (LA 90)
     *B Walnut Fork K K Demolition
SG Irish Meadows Lil Miss Sambra (LA 90 VEVE)
     Irish Meadows Xtreme Patience

Sambra at age 6

SG Irish Meadows Lil Miss Sambra
1 leg (Grandchampion at age 8)
LA 6-03 90 VEEE
DOB 3/02/00 AA 1173430
Solid black doe with a incredible area of attachment. She scored a 50 in Rear udder height and a 36 in fore udder attachment at 6 years of age. Sammy is very smoothly blend with a beautiful head and long slender neck. We would however like to see her taller and better feet. She lacked care as a young doe and kidded as a very small yearling.
Sammy has had many first place ribbons. 1 best udder in show and 2 best udder in breed. Made the cut at the 04 nationals, I believe she was 21st. Sammy looks incredible for 9 yrs old ,but she has be retired from kidding. She will live out her live her as the queen she is.
4-01 202 1823 64 3.5% 47 2.6%
5-00 201 2829 96 3.4% 80 2.8%
2008 Grand Champion SEODGA Show ring one
         Res Grand Champion WRDGA show Sat.