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Just-A-Hobby Zafiras Lexi
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Just A Hobby Zafiras Lexi
American Saanen
DOB 1/31/07
               Willow Run AA Victor
     *B Willow Run Victor Grimace
               Willow Run Ansell Smirk
Willow Run WRVG Allegory
               Willow Run Barbrittinwoods
     Willow Run BBiw Allie
              GCH Willow Run Dreammaker Alma
               Crybaby Farms Standardpvtlabel
     *B Crybaby Farms PVT Marquis
               GCH Washoe Zephyr 24 Karat
Just A Hobby Dream Zafira
               Willow Run McBain Braveheart
     SG Willow Run MBBH Dreamweaver.
               Willow Run VQ Dream Catcher
Check out all of the national champions is this pedigree.
GCH Washoe Zephry 24 Karat. 2 x Res national champion.
Willow Run McBain Braveheart's Dam 2000 national Champion 99 Res national Champion Willow Run Dream Bianca.
Willow Run VQ Dream Catcher, daughter of Willow Run Zip Code Debutante 2000 Res National Champion.
GCH Willow Run Dreammaker Alma 2006 Res. National Champion.
GCH Willow Run Ansell Smirk 2004 National Champion