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Nestor Acres Surges Banana Lil
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Nestor Acres Surges Banana Lil
DOB 3/2/2006
     Hogg's-Hidaway Chalupa
Willow Run Chalupa Surge
     GCH Singing-Hills Malachite Faygo
     Aspen-Hills Te-N-Te
Aspen-Hills Hi Society
     Aspen-Hill's Xtraordinaire
We welcome this doe back. Her big sister now resides at Mcquitty Farm. Little banana has been shown one time going Res grand as a dry yearling at the BADGA show, All of the Surge daughters are very long and tall. Her older sister is shown below. They both look alike.
Two doe kids by Irish Valley Cycas Jerusalem (AI)
for 2010
Kids are $350


Pictured here is Little Banana's sister Big Banana in her work clothes with 5 hrs of milk.


Surge as a yearling.
Please excuse the naked 15 yr old.