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Mint Leaf Velvet

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Mint*Leaf Velvet
Dob 4/25/2006
     *B South Fork TRS Sundance Kid
*B South Fork SK Class Act (LA 93 EEEE)
     SCH South Fork H Cayenne (LA 92 EEEE) 2007 national champion
     *B Willow Run Fresca Botticelli
Willow Run Bottecelli Vertigo
     GCH Willow Run Marek Venus (LA 92 EEEE)
Her maternal sister was 2nd place intermediate kid at the 08 nationals. Her other maternal yearling sister was 5th place milking yearling at the same nationals.  We just love this wonderful black and white doe. Pictured here as a yearling milker.
One black and white buck available by Mint Leaf American Idol. 


Willow Run Bottecelli Vertigo


This is mint*leaf Domino
2 GCH and 1 Best Buck in Show.
He is the littermate to Velvet.
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