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CH Singing Hills TAZ Finale

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CH Singing-Hills TAZ Finale
DOB 5/2/2005
     Rockin-CB Man's Opus One
*B Rockspring 01 Virginia Vance
     SGCH Rockspring Const Vig Virginia (LA 90 EEEE)
     *B One Oak Hill U P Mickey Finn
SG Singing-Hills Twilight Taz (LA 90 EEEE)
     SGCH Singing-Hills Tango Twilight (LA 90 VVEE)
Beautiful black doe that we purchased from Julie Matthys. Her doe kid from 2008 was 1st place Jr Kid and the nationals. Her 2009 kid was AJS Jr National Champion, Nestor Acres Idol's Fupa.
2008 Grand Champion buckeye state show ring 1
2008 Grand Champion Hartford Fair
2009 Grand Champion AGA Show (2 rings)
Res. Grand NEODGA ring 2
Grand Champion WRDGA SAT
Lamancha District 4 specality
Bred to Idol
For Sale $500