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CH Pine-Springs Coral

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pictured at 2yrs of age

CH Pine-Springs Coral
LA 88 V+VV
 DOB 4/03/2004
     SS: * B SG Kastdemer's Bad Rap
Sire: *B Little Orchard BR Jason
     SD: GCH Little Orchard MM Blackberry 7*M (LA 90VVEE)
     DS: +*B Aspen Hill's Meister Brau
Dam: GCH Pine' Springs MC Corinne 2*M (LA 91EEEE)
     DD: Rosehedge Grenie's Cordial
Although not the tallest doe in the herd. She is one of the most popular. Personality plus. Very smoothly blended with a socked on udder.  She stands on excellent feet and legs.
3 Grands 2007
3 BOB 2007
2 Grands 2008