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*B Blue Lake Classic Carlo

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*B Blue-Lake Classic Carlo
DOB 4/28/2007
Purebred lamancha
     *B South-Fork TRS Sundance Kid
Sire: *B South-Fork SKClass Act (LA 93 EEE)
     GCH South-Fork H Cayenne (LA 92 EEEE) 07 National Champion, Best Udder
     +*B Ryan's Ridge WM Evening Star (LA 90 EEE)
Dam: GCH Blue-Lake RRES Cariena (LA 92 EEEE)
     Ch Drunken-Hanks D Catara (LA 90 EVEE)
 Affectionately known as Beeker. He his a very long bodied buck with excellent feet and legs. Lots of width in the chest floor. His dam, Cariena was 6th place 3yr old at 06 Nationals and has be many times BDIS. His maternial sister  Blue-Lake JD Catarra was RES JR National Champion at the 06 nationals.
He is a paternial brother of many fine does in the Shady Lawn herd. Including SGCH Shady Lawn Classy Beauty (LA 93 EEEE) 1st place 4yr old at 07 nationals and SGCH Shady Lawn Classy Bell (LA92EEEE) Best Udder at the 07 nationals. Semen Available 5/$ 100

GCH Blue-Lake RRES Cariena (LA92EEEE)

Blue Lake JD Catarra