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Nestor Acres RFR Touchdown Kid

     +*B GCH Rowe's Maestro Falcon (LA 92 EEE)
Sire: *B Rowe's Falcon Redbird (LA 92 EEE)
     SGCH Rowe's Landmark Robin (LA 93 EEEE)
     Willow Run Andrew Hot Ticket
Dam: Nestor Acres WRHT Hot-Tot (LA 90 VEEE)
     SG Willow Run Paradox Trista (LA 87 VEVV)
Thank you to Bill and Jodie Spreng of GGF Alpha for allowing us to use Redbird. Redbird already boosts 4 finished Champion daughters.
We just love the pedigree on this buck. Hot Ticket's dam was 2004 Reserve National Champion, GCH Willow Run Corner Hot Spell (LA 90 EEEE). Hot Ticket's Sire was +*B SGCH Cherry Glen Tristin Andrew (LA 93 EEE) and full brother to 2x National Champion GCH Cherry Glen Tristin Ayla (LA 94 EEEE).Trista's dam was GCH Willow Run Valiant Tristen, 2000 Reserve National Champion.
 We feel that we can use this buck back on our Tristin Andrew daughters thus keeping the genetics tight.
We admire the size of this buck, his long, level topline and his correct feet and legs.
His littermate sister is finished!
Reference Only
 Semen available 5/$100

This is a picture of Nestor Acres Hot Tamera owned by Waiilatpu. She is the littlemate sister to Hot-Tot. Tamera was Res. Grand at the ISDGA Togg Specialty in 2009 and Grand in Ring 3.



Waiilatpu WRS Jeremiah
T1310333 DOB 03-02-2004
     SS: *B Sunshine Zish Zling
Sire: Willow Run ZZ Sting (LA 90 EEE)
     SD: GCH  Willow Run Titan Starlet 2*M
     SD: +B Pasha PSJ Sir Charles
Dam: GCH Waiilatpu Charlies's Janice 1*M(Res National CH)
           (LA 93 EEEE at 10)
     DD: Whisper'n'pines FM Jenasee
We are very excited about his kids. There are are very correct and boast very nice toplines. They are already at the top of the class. His dam Janice was 99 res National champion. Hia granddam was first in her class at 3 nationals. His sire Sting's granddam was 1986 Res national champion. Sting's get are making a great impact on the national show seen. Jeremaih's maternal sister is GCH Waiilatpu SKRW Jane, LA 92 EEEE and 1st place yearling milker at 2002 nationals. Semen available 5/$100 Reference only.


Nestor Acres Hot Trickster
     *B CH Cherry Glen Tristin Andrew (Littermate to 2005/2006 National Champion)
Willow Run Andrew Hot Ticket
     GCH WillowRun Corner Hot Spell (LA 90 EEEE) (Res National Champion 2004)
     SG +B Willow Run WREV Paradox
SG Willow Run Paradox Trista (LA 88 VVEV)
     GCH Willow Run Valiant Tristen (Res National champion)
His dam was 6th at the 2004 Nationals Sr yearling. He looks just like his sire whom we lost this year.  Semen Available  5/$80


DOB 3/5/2002
     SGCH ++*B Shahena'ko Sumo Tierro
Sire: SGCH Gherry Glen Tierro Tinman (LA 93 EEE)
     SGCH Cherry-Glen Tri Alice's Indigo 2*M
     +*B Walnut-Fork Sundance Cheyenne
Dam: GCH Cherry Glen WFSC Tecoa Touchee 3*M LA 91 EEVE (4th place 3yr old 03)
     SGCH Cherry Glen mmm Holly's Tecoa (LA 89 EVVE)
Has one beautiful daughter that finished her championship this year Ch Walnut Mtn T Lacy (LA 1-3 88 VVVE) Semen Available 5/$75

GCH Aspen Hill Ok by Me