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Tom-De-Jon-Acres Vanity
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Tom-De-Jon-Acres Vanity *M
DOB 1/7/2008
2 championship legs


     SS: *B One*Oak*Hill Cycas Jrumble
Sire: Altrece Jrumblin' Storm
     Altrece Flowers From The Storm (LA 89 VEVV)
     DS: +B SGCH Luck*Star's Qk Pinnacle (LA 93 EEE)
Dam: Rockin-CB LSP Verizon
     DD: GCH Quixote Nokia 9*M (LA 92 EEEE)
Very correct in her feet ans legs. Nice high wide rear udder, plumb teats and very smooth fore.
Shown 3 times in 2010
1 Grand
2 Res Grands
Reference Only
she has a beautiful doe kid available